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Coronavirus Outbreak Is A Necessary Trouble

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As the world descends into chaos due to the outbreak of Coronavirus, there are some recent developments that led some to believe that the outbreak is a necessary trouble for humanity. It is important to first analyze these developments before deciding to agree with the statement or not.


It is undeniable that the Coronavirus outbreak has caused a ton of torments. By far, 4 million people have been infected and the death toll has reached the number of hundreds of thousands. People are forced to do everything at home and to practice physical distancing in order to break the spread of the virus. Thus, normal social activities are all cancelled. Additionally, lockdown protocols settled by many countries are creating problems for commerce activities and economic stability. In continuation, many workers have now lost their jobs. With all those troubles, the whole world is praying for nothing else than the end of the outbreak.


On the other hand, the outbreak has revealed some positive changes following the decrease in human’s activities due to physical distancing and lockdown protocol. With all activities are now done at home, there is no use of transportation by anyone and no work of production in any industry. These developments have then led to the decrease in air pollution. Simultaneously, the world has also become a quieter place as all the noise of traffics, industries, and other human activities are all gone. In short, the outbreak is giving the world a chance to take a break from humanity’s never-ending usage of it. Hopefully, it can be a spark to increase awareness towards environmental related problems in the future.


Another positive change is found in the new daily life of humanity amidst the outbreak. Since all must be done at home now, online platforms have become the only available choice for everyone to continue school and work schedules. In other words, everyone is impelled to learn and to be able to make use of online applications. This has become a good opportunity to push the increase of technological literacy. The case is much needed in developing countries which still have great numbers of technology illiterate.


In conclusion, although Coronavirus outbreak has caused many torments, it has also given some positive changes that are beneficial for humanity in the long term. Thus, it may be correct to say that the Coronavirus outbreak is a necessary trouble for humanity.


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